Everywhere She Flew...

I just finished this piece which is done on a 6 by 6 deep canvas...The bird was painted on 140 weight watercolor paper and then cut out and adhered to the canvas ...sticks and twigs from outside and then the nest was made out of different fibers...with words that hang from the branch...DREAM...INSPIRE...LOVE....BELIEVE...HOPE...WISDOM...WISH...MEMORIES...
FRIENDSHIP...Frosted stars that have been beaded and wired on hang from the bottom. The words on the canvas say: She left pieces of her heart in nests of her own making everywhere she flew. I had a great deal of fun doing this piece that was inspired by an artist who shares all of who she is...
Artfully Yours,


Somerset HOME

This publication comes out once a year and has many really wonderful art filled pages of things that you can make for your home or give as a gift. I have the great privilege of being within the pages of this publication which hits news stands in August for the clocks that I make. The blue clock is made out of a paper mache box...and the angel is from a wooden clock template. Great to have...great to give...easy to make!!
Artfully Yours,
PS: I have had a great deal of FUN making things to submit to National Magazines this year. I have also had the great honor to grace some of the pages within these magazines. (To see the other sides of the box clock press: HERE!)


I just received my copy of the Autumn 2008 issue of Altered Couture. I am so pleased to once again be included in the pages of this publication by Stampington.
I entered their challenge to alter lingerie. There are so wonderful altered pieces here. All I can say is WOW!! For those of you who love a challenge and love to alter...run don't walk to your local bookstore and get this magazine. BE INSPIRED TO CREATE...
Artfully Yours,


Affirmation by: Patricia J. Mosca
Art work by :Patricia J. Mosca

breathe deep…
let loose...
let life in...
let freedom in...
let dreams in...
and fly
in the present day.

Today I am aware to be present. To breathe deeply and let my life today be present. Careful not to project to far to the past...careful not to project to far to the future. Today, I am aware to be present and face the sun of this day. To let the dreams of this day take me to flight. To stay present is often a difficult thing to do...we are usually in such a hurry to get to the tomorrow that we sometimes neglect the here and the now. Today, I am aware to be present...to float here in the freedom of the day...to loosen the spirits of yesterday and not project into tomorrow. Today, I am aware to be present...present in this beautiful day gifted to me. To collect my messages from within and gather them together. Today, I am aware to breathe and fly and then breathe some more..strong, deep, spiritual breaths that will allow me to experience this day to the fullest as I head toward my dreams.

Just Begin…Again

Artwork by: Patricia J. Mosca
Poem by: Royce Addington


The most Sacred Place dwells within our Heart
Where Dreams are born and Secrets sleep
A mystical refuge of Darkness and Light
Fear and Conquest
Adventure and Discovery
Challenge and Transformation
Our Heart speaks for our Soul
Every moment while we are alive
Listen…as the whispering beat repeats
Be…gin Be…gin Be…gin
It’s really that simple
Just Begin Again

These stars are on it's way to Jillian Curtis and her sons in Minnesota for a memorial project they have created; details of the project are *here. Jillians blog is Blog Me Till Midnight
Sign in...and Sign up to help them reach their goal...It will do your heart good!!
Artfully Yours,

Excitement ! Flying on the Wings of my Dreams!

I have been having a fabulous week of creativity...and being acknowledged. Most of you know that I have been submitting to magazines these last 2 years. Once you submit a piece of work for jury it usually takes 3 to 4 months to hear back from them, and then it can be up to 6 months before the item appears in a magazine. I have had the wonderful honor to be in several magazines this year and last year. Altered Couture (twice) , Art Doll Quarterly and Artful Blogging. These are all Stampington and Company Publications. I have just been notified that I will be appearing once again in Altered Couture in the August publication and in the Winter publication. I will also be in Somerset Home in the August publication. Now, today, I was notified that I will be in the November issue of Art Doll Quarterly. CAN WE SAY......WOW!?! I am so overwhelmed...I am so excited...I am so humbled...I am so honored.
The life of a stay at home artist is a very solitary one. I create every day in my studio, sometimes staying in here for 8 to 10 hours a day!! I have deadlines that I make for myself along with the custom work that I do. I do this because I know no other way to live my life. I am an artist. Honoring myself and my creativity. I give back to my community with many fund raisers, and I also do gallery work...CAN WE SAY JANE OF ALL TRADES!?!?! So submitting and then being picked to be published out of the hundreds of entries is a dream come true for me.
So for anyone out there who reads this, I want to let you know that DREAMS DO COME TRUE!
You can get to the Emerald City Dorothy! All you have to do is BELIEVE!! AND FLY ON THE WINGS OF YOUR DREAMS!
Artfully Yours,

PS: the mandala picture is from my blog that was featured in Artful Blogging and you can join me over at FROM THE INSIDE OUT...Monday thru Friday as I explore my inner messages.