Affirmation by: Patricia J. Mosca
Art work by :Patricia J. Mosca

breathe deep…
let loose...
let life in...
let freedom in...
let dreams in...
and fly
in the present day.

Today I am aware to be present. To breathe deeply and let my life today be present. Careful not to project to far to the past...careful not to project to far to the future. Today, I am aware to be present and face the sun of this day. To let the dreams of this day take me to flight. To stay present is often a difficult thing to do...we are usually in such a hurry to get to the tomorrow that we sometimes neglect the here and the now. Today, I am aware to be float here in the freedom of the loosen the spirits of yesterday and not project into tomorrow. Today, I am aware to be present...present in this beautiful day gifted to me. To collect my messages from within and gather them together. Today, I am aware to breathe and fly and then breathe some more..strong, deep, spiritual breaths that will allow me to experience this day to the fullest as I head toward my dreams.

Just Begin…Again

Artwork by: Patricia J. Mosca
Poem by: Royce Addington


The most Sacred Place dwells within our Heart
Where Dreams are born and Secrets sleep
A mystical refuge of Darkness and Light
Fear and Conquest
Adventure and Discovery
Challenge and Transformation
Our Heart speaks for our Soul
Every moment while we are alive
Listen…as the whispering beat repeats
Be…gin Be…gin Be…gin
It’s really that simple
Just Begin Again


Zoe said...

and thanks for the words, I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog today!

ABG said...

Very true. Reading books by Ekhard Tolle speaking directly to this condundrum: live in the present or live in the ego (of wanting, repining, projecting). the key really is balance. I guess we wouldn't be human without the one vs. the other...but oh the pain wanting can cause. of course, what art comes of this conflict! damn, grateful again!

Royce Addington said...

What shall we Be...gin on Next?