Page 26

STRUT (Your stuff!) AND THIS IS THE FINAL PIECE FOR THE SKINNY BOOK CHALLENGE....I can now take it off my plate...pack them up and send them off (ahead of schedule!! YIPPEE!!) and move on to something NEW!!!!!!!! Thanks for your comments...thanks for looking...Thanks for inspiring...thanks ...thanks...thanks!
Artfully Yours,

Page 25

Trust the inspiration of your heart...For there awaits the birth of a dream.

Page 24

Follow your heart PASSION..

Page 23


Page 22

Fried Catfish!

Page 21


Page 18

BLOOM.... (raw art..plaster..alphabet stickers)

Page 17

FLY....This page has some 3-D elements which makes scanning it is!! (cardboard cut out of heart, painted red and gold, banner...LOVE charm...Plastic letters and stars..beading)

Sleep Sweet Baby...

This is a page for a "SPECIAL DELIVERY" skinny book for a very special friend...
This is my page that I did....(hand painted paper....lace...ribbon flowers...and drawing)

Page 16

Ok there isn't a picture...but the page is done!! It has a purple background with a raised plaster design from a stencil...I did a face out of a mold and paper clay and made and outrageous sun design from it using strips of hand painted paper for the rays...It is really cool, but will not scan very well because of the 3-D effect of the face....BUT IT IS DONE!! You will have to use your imagination!!
Artfully Yours,

Page 15

Drink in all the colors around you.... (raw findings...glitter)

Page 14

SHE GREW TALLER EVERY DAY! (raw art...hand painted paper...jewel)

Page 13

REMEMBER TO REACH.....(raw art...wooden star)

Page 12

SWIM..... (tin fish...hand painted paper...glitter paint...I might add some fibers too)
Right now I am behind where I wanted to be, but I watch my grandson on Tuesdays and
Fridays...and well...laughter and play is GREAT inspiration!!

Page 11

NEST....(Tin birdhouse...Plastic letters, hand painted paper)

Page 10

Reach for the Moon..fall among the stars...
(Tin moon...ribbon stars....hand painted background, splashes of glitter)

Page 9

Make art from your heart....

Page 8

You cannot learn to fly if you remain in your egg...

Page 7

Art from the heart warms the soul....


I had just WAY to much fun with this page!! Paper..jewels...Sticker letters...

Page 5

(raw art...painted, cut and altered...hand painted paper..stamp block, beading)
All the backs look exactly the same as the first ones...easy does
time is being spent on the top of the page...Christie did not want any of
the backs to be with my business card cut up and my flying
heart(which goes on every piece I do usually) I do not have to think to much
when it comes to the here to see the post with the backs on it.

Page 4..Skinny Book

Honoring the past...believing in the present...flowing into the future...
The leaves of our life................

Page 3 skinny book

Let your inspiration hang ripe for you to pick......
(raw art...cut and altered...with jeweled fruit...vines of paint and glitter...fibers)

It's a beginning!! Skinny Book Pages


When I picked up my copy of Cloth Paper Scissors there was an article in there by Chrysti Hydeck on how to make Skinny Book Pages....This called to me...the pages are 4 inches by 8 inches...And I thought ... I WOULD LIKE TO DO THAT!! (hey, whats one more thing on the list?!?!) Anyhow, my friend, Nici told me about the challenge that Chrysti put out on her new site...So...I SIGNED UP...Yes, 26 pages need to be complete, and I will get a book back (assembled and bound by Chrysti) Once I got past the FEAR of NOT GOOD ENOUGH, I started my pages by making sheets of hand painted and designed paper (120 lb watercolor paper) and cut them out...3 skinny book pages to each sheet I made...So this is the first sheet which I did in hues of orange, yellow and red...raked some plaster over it and altered it with small art that I drew..painted and then cut out...I like the process and will continue to do at least 2 every day so that they will be done before the deadline!! (well, hopefully!!) I happen to be an 11th hour girl, but this project needs a little more time because it is a new process for me!!
Artfully Yours,

SHAMAN BARBIE/ Altered Barbie

How perfect was she? Did you think that when you grew up you would have her perfect body? Her perfect teeth? Her perfect hair? And then were you somewhat disappointed when you didn't turn out that way? She was the first "grown-up" doll I had, and my mother really was upset with my Aunt when she bought it for me (this was in the 50's) because after all she had.... BREASTS! Oh NO, what was my Aunt thinking?!?! Giving a girl of 7 a doll with BREASTS! She was perfect!! Totally perfect with her little high heels that slipped on and her pretty dresses with their own Barbie label in them.....Well...I have come a long way since playing with Barbie but when I saw this challenge to alter one I decided that I had to have at it....So this is Shaman Barbie she is here now to show us all that perfect is no longer in the picture...It is now time to capture the essence of your soul...and show your true beauty from the inside out. This is was I wrote as my inspiration:


When I was young I was hypnotized by
Her perfect body structure…
She could be just about anything, as long
As the fashion let her.
But alas, those days did come to an end,
Both with age and wisdom,
For nothing is as perfect as it seems
It has to come from within you.
So here is Barbie in transformation…
A Shaman for all women…
To stimulate, motivate, and electrify
With magic and delight,
She now inspires each of us
to be true unto our self.

Artfully Yours,

She Wears Her Heart!

SHHHHHH..... It's a birthday gift!!....It is going in the mail a little late...but it is going to Hawaii!! She is so peaceful and the colors are so tropical...just had to share her here!!
BUT....SHHHHHHH...... Don't tell!! LOL...