Color that Tote!!!

I have been commissioned to make a tote for a little girl as a gift....Now, we all know that I do not sew and usually get my sister to help me with this type of projects....But while shopping I found this wonderful HOT PINK tote bag..(perfect for the little girl in all of us!) and I brought it home and began to design a coloring page ....Not only will this little girl get a tote to carry her shoes to school in...custom designed JUST FOR HER!! but she will get to make it her own by using fabric pens to color it in!! NOW JUST HOW FUN IS THAT!!!! I had great fun with this tote adding a little bling embellishment to the top ...I am now dreaming of other designs for kids and of course adults alike!! Fun for anyone from 2 to 92!! LOL
Artfully Yours,

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Lisa said...

What a great idea! Looks great.