Christmas Gift Giving...

My niece is a BIG fan of turtles...I found a tin sea turtle wall sculpture at Pier One....When I started it was just plain tin...old looking and weathered....Using several colors of metallic paint I transformed it into a sea turtle with life....I originally thought that she could put this out by her pool...but she loves it so much she has decided to place it on the bathroom wall....I had a great deal of fun...reminds me of the turtle from FINDING NEMO!!
Artfully Yours,


Robin said...

Helloooo Patricia!

I wanted to expressly invite you to contribute to Issue 4 of my zine A Handmade Life. I am crazy about your artwork AND your writing and I would love to have you join the fun!

Take a peek at my blog for my info. Come play!

Lisa said...

Wow. You really made it come to life!