Off to Colorado Art Show!!

First of all...let me say...I am having so much fun doing these altered pieces...the 3-D effect of them just makes me so happy!! I love altering with my raw art and words! FUN!..FUN!...FUN!!
This piece is going off to a show in Fort Collins, Colorado....Called: The Muse Unleashed Show..
Everyone knows how much I love an art show...a challenge...So I unleashed my Muse and this is what she helped me to create! It is a difficult piece to photograph (one because you all know I am not so great at it!! and secondly, because I used Pearl Ex interference on it) This piece is going to THE CREATIVE UNDERGROUND....they have a great site for art supplies! Visit often and support the small artful shops!
Artfully Yours,


Brenda said...

This is awesome...such depth...what a lucky art show--to get your art!

Kim said...

Love this piece! Brenda was right, lots of depth. Congrats on the show, it is so good when others "get it".