House Number

Once again in my haste to get things from my mind completed I neglected to take a picture of the raw elements that went into making this house plaque!! Got to love the Muse that just needs to get into the paint!! This piece started out as a raw piece of wood cut in the shape of a house, and a tin bird that was once a garden ornament that was only silver! So, with a vision and with paint I have made a plaque to go on a home of people I adore!! The writing at the bottom says..
"Life is better at the beach..." and I will be wrapping and sending this soon...Now, lets hope they don't visit this site so the SURPRISE element is still there!! LOL....This was great fun to work on and is filled with love for my friends....
Artfully Yours,


Amy said...

Love this!

SBNoto said...

Hi Patti,
Love all your artwork, especially the house you take orders? I'd love you to do one for our home. Please let me know. Also it was great meeting you and your family last week. Thanks for having us and hope to see you soon!
Happy Monday,
Suzanne (David's Mom) :)