It's a beginning!! Skinny Book Pages


When I picked up my copy of Cloth Paper Scissors there was an article in there by Chrysti Hydeck on how to make Skinny Book Pages....This called to me...the pages are 4 inches by 8 inches...And I thought ... I WOULD LIKE TO DO THAT!! (hey, whats one more thing on the list?!?!) Anyhow, my friend, Nici told me about the challenge that Chrysti put out on her new site...So...I SIGNED UP...Yes, 26 pages need to be complete, and I will get a book back (assembled and bound by Chrysti) Once I got past the FEAR of NOT GOOD ENOUGH, I started my pages by making sheets of hand painted and designed paper (120 lb watercolor paper) and cut them out...3 skinny book pages to each sheet I made...So this is the first sheet which I did in hues of orange, yellow and red...raked some plaster over it and altered it with small art that I drew..painted and then cut out...I like the process and will continue to do at least 2 every day so that they will be done before the deadline!! (well, hopefully!!) I happen to be an 11th hour girl, but this project needs a little more time because it is a new process for me!!
Artfully Yours,


Manastash said...

Girl, you are SO good enough!

I'm in the same swap (same book) as you so I'll will look forward to seeing your pages!

Also, you have officially kicked me in the pants to get going on that project...

nicci said...

i love the colors and the whimsy! i also am always very jazzed when i see chunky or skinny pages that are obviously hand drawn. much love for the artist's hand!

lee said...

you doubted your talent, your talent is no words can describe it, I am in awe of it.

Karen Campbell said...

I love these whimsical and fun pages!