SHAMAN BARBIE/ Altered Barbie

How perfect was she? Did you think that when you grew up you would have her perfect body? Her perfect teeth? Her perfect hair? And then were you somewhat disappointed when you didn't turn out that way? She was the first "grown-up" doll I had, and my mother really was upset with my Aunt when she bought it for me (this was in the 50's) because after all she had.... BREASTS! Oh NO, what was my Aunt thinking?!?! Giving a girl of 7 a doll with BREASTS! She was perfect!! Totally perfect with her little high heels that slipped on and her pretty dresses with their own Barbie label in them.....Well...I have come a long way since playing with Barbie but when I saw this challenge to alter one I decided that I had to have at it....So this is Shaman Barbie she is here now to show us all that perfect is no longer in the picture...It is now time to capture the essence of your soul...and show your true beauty from the inside out. This is was I wrote as my inspiration:


When I was young I was hypnotized by
Her perfect body structure…
She could be just about anything, as long
As the fashion let her.
But alas, those days did come to an end,
Both with age and wisdom,
For nothing is as perfect as it seems
It has to come from within you.
So here is Barbie in transformation…
A Shaman for all women…
To stimulate, motivate, and electrify
With magic and delight,
She now inspires each of us
to be true unto our self.

Artfully Yours,


Royce Addington: said...

A shaman Barbie is LONG OVERDUE!
What a truly brilliant concept.
There is so much to what you have created here...beautiful art, resonant and deeply felt words, a metaphor for transformation and the validation of inner beauty!

This should be on a COVER of a magazine!!!!!

Gabe said...

You have so many amazing pieces here! Totally inspiring. I had to choose the Shaman Barbie as the place to comment because it for me is so classic. It is sooo great to see Barbie with dirt under her nails and finally dressed for her journey into the underworld. She will never be the same...

Tashai said...

Very cool remake!
That's how my mother was too. Oh, no only baby dolls for you. lol.