Ready to Fly...

Here are a few pictures of other things that I have finished and now are ready to fly! One is a chunky book swap that I am doing with one other special woman!! I found these great Angel books at the dollar store (my all time favorite place!!) and knew just the person to make this affirmation Angel book with...I am so excited....This is my opening page and I will post the progression of her and my friends as we go along! The wings have lots of texture to them, with texture magic...I LOVE this dries so fast!! And then as usual mine is mostly painted with a few odds and ends, I also did the back of the book but I will save that for the end!!
The other is an altered painting that I did for someone else.....I do so enjoy altering my own art!
The bubbles in the background are also texture magic and then painted...This piece just makes my heart sing with the possibilities of what is in store for all of us when we truly BELIEVE!
Artfully Yours,


Hélène Deroubaix said...

waaaaaaaaaaah Sweet hugs Pattie:) love that angel so adorable!

I got mine, which is wonderful too!
I love that 3D butterfly, magical warm colors and of course filled with all your good and positive energies, thank you so much Pattie!
it means a lot and now it makes me feel guilty because I have sent you a small artwork and on paper!
really you could have made something on paper,it would have been as great and welcomed!

How much I love it!
I can t wait to have my own artist studio to put it on the wall yay!
in the meantime I will put it in the bedroom:)
That will always remind me to Believe!

well maybe we'll make another trade some days and I'll make you something bigger!

Thank you again Pattie and lots of fairy wishes for all your creative endeavours!


She Who Flies said...

What a beautiful angel!!!