Bench for Auction!

PHEW! I finally finished the bench for our local breast cancer coalition charity auction. This started out as raw wood that needed to be sanded, put together, primed and then painted! It has been sealed with a waterproof sealer and the several coats of wax applied. Truly a labor of love.... My sister, Nancy, made the beautiful silk pillows that are on the bench. I decided in the beginning of this project that I would dedicate it to someone and this is what I wrote:

I dedicate this bench to, JoAnna Pierotti, who recently finished her chemo treatment for breast cancer. JoAnna has been a strong warrior through this challenge in her life. She has maintained her beauty, her sense of humor, her love of life, and her art. She is an Amazing woman who continues to grow and discover things about herself. She lives in California and has just started a cancer support group… JUST BEGIN AGAIN! Helping others heal and survive through art.

This auction was for invited artists and I am PROUD to be part of this.... It is an amazing thing when you can use your art to help raise money for not for profit organizations and continue to help women's issues at the same time! Here is a hearts up for all those fighting the good fight!

May you also find a way that you can help in your community!
Artfully Yours,

Some of the inspiration for this bench came from this poem:

There is a garden in every childhood
An enchanted place where colors are brighter,
The air is softer,
And the morning more fragrant then ever again.

Elizabeth Lawrence


Royce Addington: said...

There is a wondrous garden in Pattie's heART,
An enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air is softer and kindness rules the day.
Pattie's heART gives us all a fresh new beginning each morning; more fragrant and beautiful because of her extraordinary talent and inspiration!

nici said...

OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL! And so is your spirit! This is just da bomb Pattie, truly.

altermyworld said...

Wow this is truly heart art. The spirit of love and giving is shining through.

Cheryl Finley: said...

Love everything about it.. the color, the design, the pillows. Oh my.. quite enchanting, and mystical! It has the energy of a magic carpet...but a bench instead.. Hmm...sounds like a childrens' story to me.

nicci said...

lovely. i particularly like the b&w borders! you do nice detailing. i think the sun is my fav bit!