Bee's Chair....

This is the last piece to go out for the OUT OF THE BLUE SWAP and is going to my friend Deb. (nickname: Bee...Bae or Bae-BEE!!) This piece took a little longer because I actually cross stitched the little pillow that adorns the seat!! This is Bee's Bee Happy Chair!! It has lots of inspirational messages on it...Bee creative,
Bee silly...Bee Strong..Bee True..Bee Busy...A star to direct her and a butterfly to carry her dreams on its wings!! It also comes with a little poem:
If the day is going bad...
And things aren't working out...
Gaze upon this little chair
For inspiration to sprout.
There is happiness, belief
and creativity
And strength and just a
little silly...
For at the end of the day
What matters the most
Is that you gave your best
And never lost hope!!
Artfully Yours,

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Royce Addington said...

What an absolutely perfect gift for a woman named DEBorah...which is from Hebrew meaning "BEE" as well as "to speak kind words" and "WARRIOR"!
Another BEEnificent Creation!