Gypsy Doll

This is a paper doll that I made awhile ago, but thought I would share her here! I did her for a magazine, but alas, fear over took me and I did not send her in! So she sits in my studio with her glitter dust, her affirmation cards and reminds me that fear will not get me anywhere, but BELIEVING will!! So perhaps that is what she was all about... Anyhow, she is made out of 4 ply card stock, and is jointed at the arms...Her bodice is torn paper and her dress and hat are cloth. She is painted with acrylic paint, and is adorn with beads, and a small bag of glitter with a wish stone inside, a twisted heart, earrings, and affirmation cards....She holds a small jeweled charm in her hand..Striped legs and red glittery shoes! I still love her!! Hope you enjoy her as much as I do!!
Artfully Yours,

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Pilar said...

This doll is just delightful! At first, I thought she was a cloth doll because of the detail in her form and clothing. Imagine my surprise when I realized she was a paper doll! She looks very wise, a spirit doll perhaps? I think she is there to remind you of what a special and extremely talented artist and soul you are!