Christopher's Step Stool...

I finally finished this step stool...but it took a bit of time to finally take a few photo's of it!
The title of this stool is....BE HAPPY! And it makes me happy just looking at it...It will be
going to Baltimore and I am so excited for this to finally reach its destination... Christopher
won't be using this for a while...but it will be a fine addition to his room till he is ready! I love making items for KIDS, probably because I am a kid at heart! I love the bright colors and the fact that I can make mice red if I want! NOW...on to the next BIG THING!! Furniture is so much fun!! TRY IT...YOU JUST MIGHT LIKE IT!
Artfully Yours,

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Altered Couture

I am having a delicious day even with the snow falling outside (mind you I would rather be where the sun is warm and shiny and the beach is before me! Like at Debs house!! LOL) I have just received GREAT news that my altered raincoat and umbrella will be featured in Altered Couture in the May issue! I couldn't be happier!! Altering clothing is a new way for me to expose my art and I am having great fun with it....This is a wonderful community of talented artists and I am honored!! So watch for the magazine in May....I still have to write an 800 word article to go with it...But, I am looking forward to sharing how to do this and add a sense of humor and creativity to that part of the process.....
Doing the happy dance!!
Artfully Yours,
PS: You'll have to wait till the magazine comes out to view it!!